Mi-TIC 320

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Mi-TIC 320 - Smallest Full Feature
Firefighter Thermal Imaging Camera

The Mi-TIC 320 is a lightweight high end thermal imager with premium dynamic range and firefighting capabilities.

 The camera provides a crystal clear image with a superb dynamic range: you can clearly view extremely high temperatures without whiteout, and at the same time still see very low temperature objects, which is ideal for casualty searches.

Every Mi-TIC 320 is supplied with a unique dual use desktop/in-truck charger station which securely retains and charges both the thermal imager and a spare battery. The charger stations can be daisy-chained together, up to a maximum of 6 units. 

Applications include:

• Ventilation location selection
• Search and Rescue (Fire and Non Fire)
• Seat of fire localization

• Size Up
• Identify residual heat during overhaul operations
• Interior Structural Firefighting
• Hot Spot Localization

Mi TIC320Datasheet 1

For further information
please download the Mi-TIC 320 Datasheet


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Ease of Use

  • Available in 3 button option
  • Department programmable
  • Light NFPA 1801 compliant thermal imager at 27 ounces (765g)
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Image Quality

  • 320 x 240 Resolution, Display size diagonal – 2.7” (69mm)
  • High dynamic range 2000°F (1100°C)
  • Uninterrupted imaging with Tri-mode sensitivity
  • Unmistakeable fixed scene colorization
  • Direct temperature measurement
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Powered by the Ignis Engine

  • Enhanced Image Quality
  • Latest sensor technology
  • Class leading battery technology - with 5 year warranty
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Designed for to meet your application

  • Dynamic Scene Enhancement
  • Image freeze, image capture and video capture
  • Software customization tool- activate/deactivate desire functionality
  • Compact Truck Charger- space saving smart charger ensures TIC is ready to respond

Technical Data

Thermal conditions The camera has been designed to operate:
• continuously between -20°C (-4°F) and +85°C (185°F) or
• 150°C (300°F) for 15 minutes
• 250°C (500°F) for 7 minutes
Sealing IP67, will withstand immersion in water
Impact The camera will withstand a drop from a height of 2m (78 inches) onto concrete
Storage It is recommended that for maximum effective operational life, the storage temperature is kept between -20°C (-4°F) and +40°C (104°F)
Sensor type Un-cooled Microbolometer
Sensor material Amorphous silicon (ASi)
Resolution 384 x 288px
Pixel size 17µm
Spectral response 7.5 - 14µm
MDTD (Full camera system sensitivity) 60mK (0.05°C) typical (Minimum Discernible Temperature Difference)
NETD (Sensor sensitivity) <50mK (<0.05°C)
Dynamic range -40°C to 1100°C (-40°F to 2000°F)
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM) -40°C to 1100°C (-40°F to 2000°F)
Lens material Germanium Composite
Focal length 1m to infinity, optimized at 4m (3ft to infinity, optimised at 13ft)
Aperture f/1.0
Field of View 50° horizontal, 37.5° vertical, 62° diagonal
Type High grade, Industrial, color TFT active matrix LCD
Size 69mm (2.7inches)
Pixel format QVGA 320 x 240, (each pixel RGB format, total pixels 230,400 pixels)
Video input Sensor synchronized direct digital drive
Backlight 400cd/m2
Camera dims (H X W X D) 216mm x 110mm x 82mm
(812 X 4516 X 314 inches)
Camera weight 580g (1lb 4oz) without battery
755g (1lb 11 oz) with std battery
Battery dims (H X W X D) 88mm x 76mm x 27mm (std battery)
Battery weight 165g (6oz) (std battery)
Charger dims (H X W X D) 167mm x 112mm x 120mm
Charger weight 550g (1 lb and 3 oz)
Main camera body Radel®R-5100 and Santoprene®
LCD window Ultrason® E 2010 HC
LCD bumper Santoprene®
Ge Window collar Radel®R-5100 and Santoprene®
Lens window Germanium (2mm thick) with durable coating
Power consumption <3 W typical
Start-up time 5 seconds typical
Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Battery
Battery capacity 1500 mAh, 6.6V (std battery)
Std Battery life In excess of 3 hrs @ ambient temperature (22°C, 72°F)
Std Battery charge time Less than 3 hours
Battery recharge cycles Over 2,000 cycles
Battery sealing IP67
Battery charging temp. 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Charger input voltage 11V - 30V DC (12V and 24V vehicle systems)
Charger operating temp. 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)



  • NFPA 1801:2018 Standard on Thermal Imagers for Fire Services
    All parts of the system are compliant with EU directive 2011/65/EC